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it's me. brin.

hi, i'm Brin

tabs open: fetching ...

born: 28/02/1998

located in: Maribor (Slovenia)

last academic adventure:

→ Game Design Masters @ ITU Copenhagen (2020-22)

this is an interactive portfolio. take a few minutes to "play" through it. if you don't have around 5 minutes, please come back when you do.
i like computers with keyboard more than small screen devices. so this portfolio works only on something that has a wide screen. so resize this window — or find a computer, go to a library or something, and come back to this page.
thanks <3

a verbose, less interactive, archive of my works (mostly games) can be found on my itch page

binary quest

{2021} created with James

Binary Quest is an exploration of narrative game design, subversion and on-off switches. If a choose your own adventure game would only let you say yes/no, what would it look like? And what would it be like if a generic fantasy town was invaded by a troll who loves cake?


radio bubbles

{2022} created with Ash K.

Radio Bubbles (plural) is a slow social media network that consist of Radio Bubble (singular) desktop pets which let you name a radio station and send out 1 message per day. All while living on your desktop.

Featured in EIII-Zine #2, WEIRD FUCKING GAMES & Indie Game+.


on momentum and movement

{2021} written under the mentorhsip of Martin Pi & droqen

A research paper that explorers the possibility space and types of movement found in video, but not only, games. Born out of love towards the visceral feeling of control and Tim Roger's Sticky Friction.


posters of the manifesto

shit hardware manifesto

{2021} written with anger at technology.

The mediums we choose to use carry baggage of how our art will be experienced. I am tired of desires and demands of creating shinier things that do not consider the hardware accessibility. I am tired of attending an IT university. I am NOT tired of 5€ headphones.


one btn bosses

{2020-22} making with Fer , Jonas & James

An exercise in elegant game design that accidentally turned into the biggest project I ever worked on. The thrilling essence of a boss fight, encapsulated in a game played with only one button.


abusive games

{2022} writing and reseraching with Mathias mentored by Miguel Sciart

An exploration, research and prototyping of games that do not want to be played , that lie, that cheat, that make you cry.

Hopefully writing the paper will not make us cry.

-WAIT (for now)-


{2021-22} making with droqen & James

An attempt at creating a skategame that is not about skating. Freeform movement with alternative controls, a "timebaking" meta game and a hate letter towards walls in video games.