project when? how? a few words about this project!! verb
Atlas of Places 2022 illustrationprint a guide to the shack the we live in, the vernacular internet and the kebab shops that surround us. created with a flatmate and friend. read, and pull out.
Phone Booth Instalation 2022 game? plaything?upcomming a project that will live inside of an old phone booth. hooked up to the buttons and the speakerphone will be a screen. talk to things, listen to things press buttons. hosted by Portal 2-7-7-7-8 visit in Ljubljana in May 2022
Frequency Dissonance 2022 gameupcommingwriting a ballad to the un-regulated platform of radio frequencys. third in the genre of “small-world-many-endings-with-a-twist’em’ups”. part of the unannounced thinky puzzle bundle. no link. yet ;)
Radio Bubbles 2022 game? plaything? a hacked together slow-social-media-virtual-radio-pet that lives on your desktop. send 1 message per day and receive messages other radios sent out. will be a part of EIII-Zine’s second issue. also featured in WEIRD FUCKING GAMES and IndieGame+ tune-in
On digital coziness 2022 researchupcommingwriting an essay about digital coziness, the way we hack things and an addendum of how our computer vocabulary is defined by capitalism. will be released in the first issue of Cursor Magazine. read
game-a-week 2022 game an attempt at making a lot of games, made me realise that “1 week” does not mean “work on this for 1 week”. week 7 was skipped to work on this portfolio. play-all
the end of internet 2022 game? plaything? a small commentary on my relationship to the internet. inspired by a recently found fascination with netart and Vuk Ćosić’s File Extinguisher. browse
Pico8 Creative Coding 2022 animationprogramming small sketches of semi-interactive crunchy pixels for an imaginary game-console. also a temporary liberation from object-oriented-programming. watch?
ParadiseFM 2022 audioresearchweb podcast radio interviews for the paradise discord community of cool game creators. lead to a creation of a webring webvoid listen
TikTok Videos 2021-22 animationvideo as bad as social media can be the trashiness and shortform format of tiktok leads me to creating videos. sometimes. watch, but for a short time.
/tilt/ 2021-22 gameupcomming an alternative controls skategame that encouraged pilots to cheat and a unique “timebank” metagame. finally, a love letter to rigidbodies. play!
One Btn Bosses 2021-22 gamepixelartupcomming a design exercise in getting the most out of one button and an ode to my teenage years that were spent fighting bosses in world of warcraft. play, and compete!
pixeljank graphic design 2021-22 graphic design a collection of posters and album covers created with digital collages of resized images. aptly named “pixeljank” by the members of paradise discord community crush and look
Analogue Photography 2021-22 photography photos of friends, objects and architecture. but in a format that allowed me to feel more free with the process of taking photos. observe
Conversarium 2021 game? plaything? a digital garden that lives in a discord channel and reacts to the conversations shaped by the community that it surrounds. converse!
36 days of type 2021 animationpixelart typography an attempted, and failed, typography and animation exercise that made me hate daily art challenges. look at (with anger!)
! ok robot ! 2021 game a small puzzle. part of the CONFUNDING calendar and an encouragement to use petit game engines puzzle about
Krowbar 2021 gamepixelart a horribly bad game with an immensely beautiful world that i want to explorer again in the future wander
SMUGGLER 30XX 2021 gamepixelartwriting a game about lying at security borders. second in the genre of “small-world-many-endings-with-a-twist’em’ups” lie
>ASCII Art Games 2021 gametypography a set of sketched games that explorers typography glyphs as an graphical element of abstraction. highly inspired by FOURBITFRIDAY’s Atgtha in Absurdia |>L/\Y
Shit Hardware Manifesto 2021 printwriting a manifesto for awareness around the hardware we use and a plea for creation of accessible media read (angry)
Make games, not made games 2021 writing a piece on enjoying the process. born out of joy of creation and frustration of my current environment. read (annoyed)
Movement in video games 2021 writing a research paper on movement in video games as a mechanic. highly influenced by the visceral feeling of control and inspired by Tim Roger’s Sticky Friction read (academically)
>>FWD 2021 game a mouse only racing game about going fast and escaping an ever encroaching fog of void by someone who hates racing games. featured in INIDE MIXTAPE Vol. 2 race, very quickly!
Pixel Illustrations 2021 illustrationpixelart a collection of illustrations done in a low enough resolution that it’s pixel art but high enough resolution that I can use a tablet. look at
Stickers 2021 illustration a realisation that took me too long - printing things i make and sticking them on objects is fun. stick!
Binary Quest 2021 gamewriting a game about saying yes or no. first in the genre of “small-world-many-endings-with-a-twist’em’ups” say yes, or no!
Blog 2020-22 writing casual (but more thoughtful than twitter) musings on the things that i do. started as a way of getting closer with the act of writing words and stringing them into something coherent. read
Digicam Photography 2020-22 photography first attempt of constrained photography, using old digital cameras. inspired by the genius of Froyo Tam’s works catch (the moment)
Be Fris 2020 audiogame an okay FPS game made in one day. important as it lead me to meet James Evas who was adopted as a musician of all future projects fris
Lost & Confused 2020 gamepixelart a walking simulator set in a desert with cacti that can talk. confuse
Chicken Defense 2020 gamepixelart a result of frustration with the tower defense genre of games and a frustrating wakup call to reconsider my process and how I collaborate. defend!!
Disco Room 2020 gamepixelart first attempt at creating a synthesis of gameplay and sound, lead to a chill coffee with the game’s composer and a hard-to-beat game with good beats. dance!
Streaming Games 2020 animation animations for ITU’s end-of-semester games showcase stream. born out of jealousy towards production value of NYU’s version of the same event. stream
Animation Jams 2020 animation a method of surviving 2020 lockdowns: attending 1-hour animation jams where you fall in love with the intricacies of motion. this lead you to taking an animation winter semester at School of Motion jam
Cat sketches 2020 illustration draw a blob, give it to your partner let them draw a cat out of the blob. reverse the roles. repeat. a fun activity and one of my fondest memory of my then-partner. done in a cat cafe for thematic points. observe (cute)
Magnetizer 2020 game platforming game with magnetic mechanics. thought me to lie to players and was my first interactive piece that felt matured. featured in INIPOCALYSPE Zine #07 play (+-)
Trijam Sketches 2020 game a series of 15 games, made in 15 weeks with each being developed in 3 hours. an effective way of learning game dev. play (rought)
Other games 2019-22 game other games that probably helped me become a better artist but aren’t noteworthy enough for this spreadsheet. wander
>Architecture posters 2019 illustrationprint my dad runs a small architecture firm and has his son that know how to do graphic design i was delegated in turning some plans into posters. highly bauhaus inspired. thank dad
Korea - Photobook 2019 photography a photobook of a trip. taught me the importance of different kinds of paper. photograph, print
Cineline UI design 2019 UIpixelart ui design for a hyperspecific console-like camera controller that featured a 128x64px screen. hired while while being on a carsharing trip from Ljubljana to Maribor. pixelate
Lockout 2019 audioresearchvideo a blind shot at being a youtuber/podcaster in a the competitive-world-of-warcraft-player community which platoed listen
Milivoj 2019 graphic designproduct design first attempt at using music as a pivotal element of my works by curating some of my favourite tracks into a mixtape. only two physical copies of the disks were produced. listen (and bop your head)
Visual Game Design Documents 2018-19 graphic designwriting retrospective looks on some of my first game-jam games. a way of connecting myself with games without knowing how to make them. 1 2 3 4
Vicious Voyage 2018 game the first game i participated in developing. poured oil to the fire of cross-disciplinary collaboration and gateway to an friendly community of slovenian game developers appreciate
Fictional postcards<< /td> 2018 graphic design an angry exploitation of image trace function in adobe illustrator. wonder
Low DPI Zine<< /td> 2017 pixelartprintresearch a love letter to the aesthetics of computer windowing systems and letters displayed at low resolutions. first occurrence of feeling emotion towards a printed medium. read (in small font)
World of Warcraft & Wildstar UI Design 2016-2019 UI large portion of my time playing world of warcraft was spent modifying my user interface and coming up with different, aesthetically pleasing and functional setups. think of it as my version of modding your tumblr theme. design
Fictional landscapes & architecture 2016 illustration inspired by the breathtaking concept art of vast, sprawling, worlds of MMORPGs. study (and build)
D&D (Public) GMing 2013-17 actingwriting an excuse to do funny voices, dye paper with coffee water and use wax seals in my creative endeavours. also the first foray into public organsiation. read (in slovenian)
Improv Theatre 2013-17 acting like theatre acting, but with less drama and more unpredictable situations. probably less fun for the audience. you had to be there to see it
Highschool newspaper design 2013-16 graphic design unsupervised attempts of typesetting. probably lead toward the decision to study visual communication. im actually happy i couldn’t find these.
Forum Signatures 2012-2014 graphic design small, usually 500x200px, graphics for people on various forums. made in an illegal copy of photoshop cs6. probably the first set of graphic design work i did and was passionate for. kind of cringe to look at now. appreciate (and cringe)
High-school theatre acting 2012-14 acting an outlet where I could pretended that im my friends and my friends that they are me. sorry, the shows were not recorded.
Audio/Light technican 2010-2014 audiovideo playing around with knobs to make people sound nice at school events and lighting up some people at theatre. birthplace of my love for tactile knobs. had to be there to hear it!
Lego Stopmotion filmi 2010 animation attempts at recreating the amazing world of lego star wars stopmotion youtube rabbit-hole that consumed my life when I was 12 im actually very sad i couldn’t find these.
FlipBoom animations 2009 animation animations created in Toon Boom’s kids oriented variant. introduction to frame-by-frame animation and the first “software gift” i received. disk archived under the stairs at my parents home. study (the cd)
Comics 2008 illustration a vivid memory of making comics. none were found during the creation of this spreadsheet. assumed to be lost in the ether. im actually very sad i couldn’t find these.
Letalo (airplane) 2004 painting first piece of work my parents deemed important enough to frame. currently located in my granddads apartment on the wall in the living room. look (again!)
Picture of a house 2002 (?) illustration probably the earliest saved art piece. produced by my evil alter-ego called “bri” and not “brin” look